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Amusement parks

For your holiday in Rimini full of fun, in addition to the many nearby services at the Hotel Colon, you will have the chance to reach the various theme parks which are located a few kilometers from the hotel.
In Rimini is Fiabilandia, the colorful amusement park dedicated to the world of fairy tales suitable for children of all ages: here you can spend an exciting day between games, rides and attractions of all kinds.
There is also always in Rimini Italy in Miniature: Here you will visit the most beautiful monuments of the peninsula reproduced on a smaller scale, placed in a specific path inside the park with a playground and dining options.

In the nearby Riccione you can choose to spend a day Aquafan , the famous Water Park with fantastic pools and water slides, or to Overseas , to discover the world of animals and nature, of entertaining shows and touring.
A Catholic is the' Aquarium Le Navi , where you can explore the world of the seabed between sharks, penguins, turtles and fish of all kinds.
Finally, we point out that it is worth to walk a few more kilometers to reach Wonderland in Ravenna, the most famous amusement park in the Riviera, where excitement and fun are always inevitable protagonists.

Exploring the hinterland

holiday in Rimini is not only sea, beach and fun, but also provides many opportunities for cultural and scenic views.
The city of Rimini is in fact a rich history, including the famous Roman monuments and Renaissance buildings . Walking through the historic center of Rimini, you should not miss a visit to Tiberius Bridge, Arch of Augustus, the Surgeon's House, Municipal Museum, the Rock , and Temple Maltestiani.

Rimini also boasts an inland cargo panoramic views and picturesque villages. You can choose to visit the nearby Santarcangelo : the charming town, made up of squares and picturesque views, very comfortable, which is home to year-round festivals in the country and gastronomic events.
A few kilometers from Rimini Marebello is also San Marino , the ancient Republic, which has always attracted the interest of tourists for its history, its monuments and its shops.
Finally, we point out Gradara , the ancient village on the border between Romagna and Marche: located between its narrow streets you will find shops and restaurants, until you get to the top of the beautiful Castle Gradara love nest Paolo and Francesca in Dante's Divine Comedy.